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Las Vegas Area Housing Market

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While it has gone through numerous shifts over the past few years, the southern Nevada housing market has revived itself- and in big ways. Builders are once again building new homes. Homeowners are managing to climb out of debt at last and buyers are again able to purchase properties. It is no surprise that Southern Nevada was damaged when the housing market ended up experiencing difficulties several years ago; especially when people were unable to even make their mortgage payments. When the economy was troubled, people in Southern Nevada, especially the Las Vegas area, lost jobs and the values of their homes began to drop.


In recent times, however, home values have steadily begun to climb again. There is plenty of room for this growth to continue and develop, especially given that over the past years, homes have seen a nine percent value increase. The Las Vegas real estate market is seeing drastic improvement as well; what had been a dormant business has finally managed to pull itself out of that dormant state and begin to move forward once again. With the way things are going at this time, the real estate market will only continue to grow and expand over the next coming years.


The reason for this growth is very simple. People are once again looking for homes in Nevada, especially in the Las Vegas area, as they are able to see the improvements that have been and continue to happen. As the Vegas area is constantly changing and growing, there are always things for people to look forward to, Even private home investors are learning that they can once again purchase and sell homes at prices that will earn them a rather nice profit and that homes do not sit on the market for months or years any longer.


People are wanting to move back to southern Nevada for numerous reasons. Not only are they looking for the adventure and excitement that they know they can find, or the pleasant weather that often draws people in; but they are also looking forward to the changes they see. The improvements in the real estate market are apparent to everyone who bothers to look- and these changes are exceptionally promising to everyone.  On April 12, 2017, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Southern Nevada home inventory is declining.  Read the article here.


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